Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time's a tickin'- more brain babble~

Nothing a bottle of red and CSI cannot cure for the moment!  Stressed, panic stricken and tired are what I'm all about this very moment.  No work for tonight.... just me and my sofa!  I find procrastination works well for me to a certain extent.  

I've got many projects started and not finished, Community gardening - how would I get it up and running?  I must have this done (on paper) for next week.... The idea will come, that I am sure.

New Religious Movements?  Who shall I write about?  (damn I forgot to pick up a book at the library!)  Rastafari, Wiccans, hohum hohum...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brain Babble...

I have kept this blog open but haven't written on it for a while.  I thought that I would have time and would have interesting things to write about, indeed I do but it is the time factor that has me on the run.  

The class I'm taking now on Globalization has me wondering on many things, food security for one, especially with this economic break down happening- News flash for me- according to my Professor, it will take minimum 12 years to get back on our feet and it is the end of capitalism as we know it! I think he almost fell through the floor when I told him the economy will bounce back! (You know when you open your mouth and words just pop out before you can stop them? well, I could feel them leaving my mouth but had no control on what I said--- Silly me!! )  How can we improve the global economy and how can we affect it in a way that will help us along the road (within these 12 years).  Are the poor being affected like the rich?  According to my Prof.  there will be an increase of homelessness and sucides.  Something to look forward too, eh?  How can we change this?

My desires for MA are to study food and everything about it.  After taking  a class  on Anthropology of food I realized what it was I wanted to do. I have a few ideas rattling around in this little head of mine but need to focus them more and concentrate on how to do it.

I need input and ideas!  I need to read more and find the TIME!  Which is another aspect of food that I find interesting- Time and Food.  They are related in so many ways- the quality of time, the lenghth and aspect of it all can be related to how food is prepared, eaten and shared... Does this make sense? It does in my mind.

As classes start to pick up again with finals I find myself wondering what to do after I'm done in April...  Postpone my graduation to raise my GPA and apply for a MA in Feb of 2010 or do I graduate and look for a job?  I find myself at odds with this and am having a hard time deciding.
I feel a sense of calmness when I'm at the department at school and am not sure that this is what is driving me to stay where I am?  How will I help society with my views and thoughts?  Can I? ohhh la la!

My brain is mush now!!! Until next time!  Feel free to comment- please!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back again

Well, the semester starts shortly and I am very excited to be back in the swing of things again.  The summer semester was long and hard... it's over now!  The fall semester starts of with a great (or what looks to be great) class- Anthropology of Food.  I've alread started to read the required text-  Appetite for Change- Warren J. Belasco.  In fact I can't put it down.  I will be posting some things I find interesting up here in hopes that people will comment or send more information my way. 
I'm glad to be back ---

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still Learning

I realize that my blog was all mixed up.  I put my side bar into the posts section -but I am not sure that you can post on it.  I will play around with it soon enough hoping to get things the way I like them.  I might in fact change the entire thing and have a new look.

I have been out of touch with writing my blog because of my summer class- Contemporary Scottish Liturature.  It is a great class but very time consuming and heavy to be taken in the summer... so, when this class is over I will have time to concentrate on the readings/articles and other Blogs I like to read and hopefully I will have feedback from others as well.

For now I will write my first Scottish Lit paper today...  Exciting.